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Brainstorm Picture
The first step in our design process. During this step we work as a team with our customers to help them brainstorm everything from content ideas to color templates. Throughout this process, we develop the base structure of the project. This includes everything from layout style, color schemes and logos if requested. This step is very valuable for the success of the design and the satisfaction of our customer.
Design Picture
This is the step where you sit back and relax while we work our creative brains to produce your masterpiece. During this step communication is key, we usually like to meet with our customers multiple times to discuss the path of design. After this step is done, we have a complete first draft of the website.
Implement Picture
The last step of our procedure. We conclude our draft with a full and functional web page. During this step customers get to try out their website for the first time and give us final requests to refine the implementation. After the step is over, the website is hosted and vieweable by public.
Site will be going offline Q1 2015.